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20′ Three Phase Refrigerated 2/3 Chiller 1/3 Freezer – Twin Zone Type 1 – Internal Door

Standard shipping 20’ (6m) 3 phase refrigerated container split into two sections to make one third a freezer (at the container rear) and two thirds a chiller (at front near double doors). Full Controlled Operation: Variable automatic defrost cycle, Automatic temperature sensing & monitoring. The container will be pre-set for you. Freezer –20ºC & Chiller +2ºC

20′ Three Phase Refrigerated 2/3 Chiller 1/3 Freezer – Twin Zone Type 1 – Internal Door


Frozen and Chiller Storage Solutions

Our 20′ Hybrid Freezer and Chiller Storage Container Systems offers flexibility and reliability to our customers with the functionality of both chiller and freezer systems.  The two sections are separated with insulated panelling featuring an installed personnel door.  Each section can have its temperature altered separately and can be fitted with accessories just as shelving, lighting and safety features.  This product is perfect for restaurants, bars, grocery stores and others in the food and catering industry. Our refrigerated and freeze hybrid units are also regularly used by the mining & resources industry due to their reliability and built-in safety features.

Modifiable Refrigerated Container Design

The design of our 2/3 Chiller 1/3 Freezer Three Phase Refrigerated Container Units is easily modified by our expert team and we will work with you to create the storage solution to suit your needs. Common modifications selected by our customers include shelving, LED internal lighting, Dial Thermometers and Ali Checker Flooring as well as safety features such as  Trapped Personnel E Stop buttons with external sirens and flashing lights.

Easy to Transport and Install

Our range of 20′  Refrigerated offers our customers a small site footprint and are easy to transport and install. Container Refrigeration offers professional delivery services for our customers that will ensure that our containers are delivered to the site on time and in safe hands.