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Refrigeration Unit Noise Reduction

For clients that  wish to reduce the ambient  noise created by our refrigerated containers we can provide solutions like our sound dampening noise reduction boxes. 

Unit Noise Reduction Boxes

Our custom-built cool room panel boxes provide an innovative solution for suppressing the noise generated by refrigerated units, making them ideal for refrigerated containers that need to be placed in or delivered through noise-sensitive locations. These effectively dampen the noise produced by the refrigeration system, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment for nearby residents or workers. What sets our unit noise reduction boxes apart is their mobility, allowing for easy transportation and versatility on various work sites.

Equipped with wheels, they can be effortlessly moved around as needed, providing a flexible and adaptable noise reduction solution for different locations and situations. Whether it’s a construction site, a residential area, or any other noise-sensitive setting, we offer a custom built, practical and efficient way to mitigate noise disturbances caused by refrigerated units.

portabar container at event