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Container Hire

We offer a wide ranging selection of shipping containers ready for short and long term hire.  From standard general purpose to heavily modified containers we guarantee you will find your ideal container today.

The Leading Container Hire Provider for WA

Container Refrigeration is committed to providing excellent high-quality rental shipping containers for both long-term and short-term periods. We offer a selection of Dry, Refrigerated Modified Containers as well as Portabars and Serveries. 

Container Refrigeration is the Perth Western Australia expert in refrigerated containers and we offer 10′, 20′ and 40′ Reefer Containers perfect for both public and private events. Our technical team is available to offer technical support or replacement in the occurrence of a breakdown.

portable container bar hire set up

Standard Refrigerated Containers

Standard refrigerated containers are ideal for keeping temperature sensitive items such as food, drinks and inventory chilled or frozen. The convenient nature and affordability of these shipping containers make them an ideal inventory solution for retailers and events.

Standard features include:

  • Standard Double Doors
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Aluminum Tee Flow Floor

Modified Refrigerated Containers

Looking for something a little more custom built? Our modified fleet of refrigerated containers come with the standard features of a shipping container as well a plethora of structural, electrical and safety modifications.

Some include:

  • Personnel & Pallet Wide Access Doors
  • Heavy Duty Anti Slip Flooring
  • Internal Weatherproof Lighting
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Emergency Alarms and Safety Mods


Our Portabars are made from ex shipping containers that have been heavily modified and transformed into aesthetic, robust and functional bar serveries. They can serve a large number of individuals at once, making them ideal for small to medium-sized events like festivals or community events. In addition, they can be modified with company-specific imagery and signage allowing each container to be unique.

Dry General Purpose

General purpose containers which the are ideal storage solutions and come in various sizes from 10′ 12′ 20′ and 40′ HC.  Our  dry  containers  can  also  be modified with a variety of modifications from  personnel doors, to shelving and interior lighting. 

Create your Own Unique Design

Container Refrigeration can perform almost any type of modification to any container type. Contact us today and let us turn your dream into a reality. 

Other Containers Available for Hire

1 phase 10ft container for hire

1 PH Refrigerators

We have an extensive range of standard and modified single phase refrigerated containers available for hire. These containers are not built to freeze items, however they can become an ideal chilled storage solution for retailers and event managers.

mining container offices

Site Offices

Our site offices are made from a modified shipping containers. They are durable, portable and easy to construct, making them ideal for construction and mining worksites.

insulated containers for hire


Insulated containers are ex refrigerated containers that have had the unit removed and end paneled off. These containers come in various sizes and have multiple different uses

container bar example


Our Portabars are ex shipping containers that have been heavily modified and transformed into aesthetic, robust and functional bar serverys. They have the capability to serve a large number of individuals at once, making them ideal for small to medium sized events like festivals or community events.

offshore certified container

Offshore Certified

Dry and refrigerated containers designed and certified for the storage of goods on offshore platforms, vessels & oil rigs.