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Container Re-Certifications

SC (Container Safety Convention) is a system of requirements that a container must adhere to before travelling off shore.  This system was formed by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) which dictates the container rules for local and international transport. To meet these requirements, Container Refrigeration offers rigorous inspections done by our highly qualified/ IICL accredited staff to ensure your container is up to both IICL safety and efficiency standards. 

CSC Certifications Info Listed

A CSC plate lists important features of the container, which essentially let people know the container is safe for use and is capable of withstanding the sometimes heavy stresses of shipping cargo cross-country and overseas. A CSC safety plate will list the following information:

  • The maximum gross weight
  • Allowable stacking weight
  • The racking test load
  • Where the container was approved for CSC certification
  • When the container was first manufactured

Is a CSC Container Certification Needed?

Having a valid CSC plate on your container is crucial if you intend to use it for transportation or international shipping purposes. The CSC plate serves as a certification of the container’s structural integrity and compliance with international safety standards. However, if you plan to utilize the container solely for domestic storage, the presence of a CSC plate holds less significance, unless you consider its potential impact on the resale value. It is common for CSC plates to be removed from domestic storage containers or modified shipping containers for aesthetic purposes, as they are not essential for the container’s functional use within a domestic setting.