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20′ 1 Phase Dehumidification Seed Storage

A 20′ 1 Phase Refrigerated container developed for the storage of seeds in a humidity controlled environment. Perfect for land restoration and agricultural purposes.

20′ 1 Phase Dehumidification Seed Storage

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20’ (6m) 1 phase refrigerated container purpose built for seed storage with de-humidification.
Typically used by mine sites for land rehabilitation.
Features include standard Double Doors with pull release, Internal LED Light, a 1 Phase Refrigeration unit and a Dehumidification Hotbox unit preset to meet your requirements.


  • Stainless steel interior
  • Aluminium Checker Plate Floor
  • Standard Double Doors Door has internal safety pull release.
  • Internal Lighting
  • 1 Phase Refrigeration Unit
  • Dehumidification Hotbox for +15 with 50% RH