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10′ Insulated Office

A 10ft container modified into an insulated modular office. Outfitted with work desk, interior lighting and A/C unit. Higly recommended for the mining and resources and the construction industries.

10′ Insulated Office

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10′ Insulated Office – Easy to Move and Install

Modular Container Office Rooms created from modified shipping containers are being used in a variety of industries from Mining and Oil, Renewable Energy and Defence. The interior of this portable office has insulated panelling and is outfitted with a 2kw Split A/C Unit. Additional common modifications include windows or a built-in desk. The office can also be outfitted with multiple GPOs.


  • Can be modified easily to suite the need of a client thanks to the modular design of the container.
  • Easy to transport and set up once on site. Making it a popular office option for the mining and industry as well as construction.
  • A secure office solution as this container can be modified with various security solutions to ensure the safety of it’s contents.