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40′ High Cube Mechanics Library

40′ High Cube Mechanics Library


Modified Container for Equipment and Tool Storage

This three-sectioned tool and equipment storage unit is an affordable solution for the secure storage of your expensive tools and equipment. Its adaptability and small site footprint. Makes it a popular option for companies involved in the mining and resources industries as well as construction. The container is outfitted with 2x 7.1kw Split System Air Conditioners Recessed into the Rear wall and a Condensing unit recessed into the back wall and two Personnel Doors

Perfect For Electrical Tools

The design of this modified container mechanic library allows the effective charging of electrical tools with multiple Double GPOs included in the design as well as multiple data points for items that require internet access. To ensure safety the container is insulated throughout its entire length.


The experienced team at Container Refrigeration can modify the base design of this altered container to suit your organisation or worksites needs. Contact our team today to learn how the Mechanics Library can be altered today.