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20′ 8’6″ Pallet Wide Door Dry Container

20′ 8’6″ Pallet Wide Door Dry Container

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Storage Solutions

Our range of dry container storage solutions offers an excellent option for affordable protection and storage. The pallet wide door featured in the 8’6″ Pallet Wide Door Dry Container allows the easy removal and stocking of materials/items.

Popular uses for these shipping containers are..

The storage of excess household items at home.
Storage of household furniture whilst renovating.
Archive and general storage for various businesses.
Onsite lockable storage for construction and building companies.

Quality Protection

Because shipping containers are built to travel long distances overseas, they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Constructed of high-quality steel, containers when in good condition are wind and watertight.  In addition to this our shipping containers offer security to the contents.  Our containers have the option to be fitted to a variety of locking boxes and security options.

Container Modifications

All of our containers can be modified to include shelving for categorized storage, modified doors for easy access and depending on your specific requirements lockbox to ensure extra security. Our Dry Storage Containers can also be modified to include personnel doors,  windows, air conditioning and additional ventilation and insulation for solutions such as mobile security boxes, ticket booths or mini workshops.