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20′ Dry High Cube Switch Room

Our  20’ High Cube Container Switch Rooms can form the electrical core of your worksite/installation.  Fully insulated our switch rooms are modular in nature allowing them to develop for the task required of them.

20′ Dry High Cube Switch Room

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Our Container Switch Rooms

Our  20’ HC Container Switch Rooms offer many advantages from having a small footprint on the worksite and are designed to allow ease of transportation and installation. These Switch Rooms are popular with a variety of areas and industries including mining, gas and minerals, construction as well as military. The interior of the switch room is modified with insulated 50mm Fire Rated Panels to ensure the safety of both the equipment inside and the safety of employees.
Common modifications include custom paint, a split air conditioner system and the addition of extra ventilation systems and air vents to enhance air circulation. the installation of floor penetrations for the hardwiring of Switch Room components. As well as Personal Doors with Internal Push Bars to meet current safety standards. Container Refrigeration has years of experience creating custom-built switch rooms and specialised portable buildings we work in collaboration with our clients to ensure the final design meets their needs.


Our 20′ High Cube Switch Room containers can be ordered in a variety of layouts to suit your organisation’s needs. These containers are designed to allow changes and modifications to be made at a later date if needed. In addition to this, the design of our Switch Rooms makes them easy to move and transport while still allowing them to be quick and easy to install.  All of our 20′ Switch Room containers are designed, constructed, modified, and tested onsite at our fully equipped workshop.

Safety and Security

The security of a switchroom container is paramount! But thanks to the modular nature of our shipping container modifications there are many security options available for our customers. The designs of our container switch rooms allow the inclusion or easy installation of alarm systems and fire safety systems to protect your important assets. You can also increase your security by installing a steel housed lockbox that will prevent your padlock from being cut or tampered with.