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Container Wheel Adaptor Assembly Extreme 6.5 Tonne


1x Set, 2x Ezy Wheel Extreme Adaptors, TBA up to 6.5T SWL

1x Set, 2x 10 Stud Euro Truck Hubs complete with bearings seals, Hubs rated: TBA up to 6.5T SWL

Weight, 150kg ea 300kg total

Container Wheel Adaptor Assembly Extreme 6.5 Tonne

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Shipping Container Wheels Ezy Extreme up to 6.5T SWL

Ratings up to 6.5 Tons per axle for serious container moving over difficult terrain. Duel wheel capable.

100% Made in Australia. Bearings and seals made in Japan.

Condition: Brand New

Shipping containers can be difficult to move without the right equipment.

Uses: perfect for when you dont have a large forklift onsite, these simple adaptors can be fitted with ease to any size shipping container at one end.

You then lift the other end and tow it along like a trailer in your yard or around the farm. Containers can be towed or pushed using a small forklift or tractor.


NOTE: KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE RIMS OR TYRES, Suitable wheel rims will be required to be supplied  by the customer.

Note: Hub Stud Pattern: 10 Stud Euro Truck, 22mm dia. Studs, 335mm PCD, Centre Bore: 281mm spigot (European)

(Euro stud pattern: Mercedes, Volvo etc)

Single or duel wheels can be fitted  dependent on customer’s  load carrying requirement or terrain type.  If unsure, use duel wheels where clearance width is not a consideration.

You might also like the Lift adaptor, works well with container wheel to lift the container with a bottle jack so the

Wheels can be installed.