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40′ High Cube 3 Phase Dehumidification Seed Storage

A 40′ High Cube 3ph RF container that has been modified for the storage of plant seeds. Perfect for agriculture or land restoration for the mining industry.

40′ High Cube 3 Phase Dehumidification Seed Storage

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40’ High Cube (12m) 3 phase refrigerated container purpose-built for seed storage with de-humidification.
Typically used by mine sites for land rehabilitation.
Features include standard Double Doors, a Personnel Door with internal safety release installed to either side wall or into the front standard LH door, 5 Tier adjustable shelving,  a stainless steel bench a refrigeration unit and a de-humidification unit preset to meet your requirements.


  • Mine Site Rehabilitation
  • Site Regeneration


  • Stainless steel interior Aluminium Checker Plate Floor
  • Stainless Steel Work Bench
  • Adjustable Shelving 5 Tier
  • Internal Lighting Personnel Door installed into Front LH standard door
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • De-Humidification Unit Out of Range Temperature & Power Failure Alarm
  • Multiple GPOs 2x Double GPO & 1x Single GPO