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17m Roof Kit for 40′ Containers

Each Kit Includes:

  • Frame
  • Brackets
  • Roof Sheets
  • Fastenings
  • Instructions

17m Roof Kit for 40′ Containers

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To suit 40 foot standard height and high cube containers, all roof kits are made to order and can be customised to suit your requirements.

The 17m roof kit is designed to be mounted on the inside container corner casts to give you 17m of undercover floor space. When the roofs are set in this configuration the sheets will not cover the containers. If you would like the container roofs covered please see 17m plus roof kit.

The containers can also be double stacked to raise the height of the roof and also placed end for end to make custom larger sheds.

When the roofs are mounted to the inside corner casts the usable space is 17m however when mounted to the outside corer casts the space is reduced to 12m.

The roofs can be mounted on the inside or outside container corner casts or a combination thereof to suit your preferred layout.

Shipping Container Roof Kits Brand New built to Australian Standards. Only the best available building materials used without compromise.

The Roof kits are ideal for temporary or permanent structures using the container as a foundation and can be erected without the need for large lifting machinery. Ideal where fast construction and durable shedding is required.

Roofing and trim are available in Zincalume or any standard Colorbond shade.

Fully engineered, safe and durable. Engineering drawings and compliance certificate supplied if required at an additional cost.

Shipping Container Roof Kits

Availability: lead time currently is 6-10 weeks

Delivery available Australia Wide. Note price is for Roof Kit only, please provide your address and we can quote accordingly.

We supply containers and have in stock ready to go.

We can perform and custom container modifications to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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40 Ft Containers