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Dry Container Grading

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These top tier containers are of the highest possible quality. Referred to as one trip containers, they have only been loaded with cargo and transported once in their life and  that was the journey straight from the manufacturer. This means all the containers internal and external structural elements are basically in flawless condition. 

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These are the top tiers of second hand containers. These containers have made several trips in their life time and apart from some minimal dents and minor repairs these containers are still in excellent condition.

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These second hand containers are of decent quality and structurally sound. They are cargo worthy containers, weatherproof and apart from some dents, surface rust, and previous repairs they are still in good condition. 

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These second hand containers are of fair quality and weatherproof. However, they have obvious wear and tear and evident dents, surface rust and repair work These containers are ideal for storage of personal items or furniture. 

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These containers are of poor quality. Obvious wear and tear, a great deal of dents, surface rust, deterioration and obvious repair work. These containers are not guaranteed to be structurally sound or weatherproof making them ideal for farming or workshop equipment storage. 

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